Kefalonia Botanica Garden – A Mediterranean Garden of Eden

In the Mediterranean natural surroundings of Cephalonia Botanica you will find yourself in an oasis filled with a wide variety of Mediterranean plants. The Garden is very significant because Greece, despite having the richest and most diverse flora in Europe, has few botanical gardens where scientific research is conducted.

It was started more than 20 years ago with the support of the Fokas-Kosmetatos Foundation. Cephalonia Botanica was developed in a pre-existing olive grove on the hillside above Argostoli and has been demarcated and shaped on various levels. A lake was created and planted with Mediterranean water plants.

The Garden’s goals are to promote native plants as well as to educate the public about environmental problems. Gradually, the Garden is developing plant communities such as forest, maquis vegetation, phrygana, grassland, and includes special collections of plants depending on their use in medicine, cooking, floriculture, etc. Two such have already been created: a. Medicinal herbs, in the remains of old stone walls b. Durable low-care Mediterranean plants in the urban garden by the lake. The garden is constantly enriched with rare and endemic plants, spores and bulbs.

The recognition of the garden’s importance has resulted in national and international collaborations. The development of environmental programs for children is contributing substantially to their ecological awareness.

How to get there:

Starting from the main square in Argostoli, follow Vergoti Avenue for 1 km to the edge of the town, until the road forks directly in front of you. The left hand fork continues to St George’s Castle and Poros, while the right hand fork. Signposted “Cephalonia Botanica’, takes you to the Garden. Follow the road for about 300m, pass the Avin petrol station on your right; 30m after Avin, take a sharp turn to the right. After 300m you will see a final sign near the Garden entrance. Park in the designated area just before the Garden entrance.

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