The Chasm of Agia Eleousa in Karvomilos

The Chasm of Agia Eleousa in Karvomilos

A chasm with a vertical depth of 75 meters, an orifice of 20*12 meters and floor dimensions of 50*30 meters. Located 2.5 km south-west from the village Karavomilos, near the rural road of Karavomilos – pre-earthquake village of Livathinaton. The chasm in its lower part maintains brackish waters, in a depth of about four meters. The first exploration attempt of the chasm of Agia Eleousa, was made by the members of the Hellenic Speleological Society (H.S.S.) John and Anna Petrochelos and G. Montesanto, in 1951. The effort was unsuccessful, due to lack of technical means. The second attempt was made in June of 1959 by the aforementioned cavers and also the Greek speleologist A.Douna. Although the speleologists have equipped themselves with additional technical equipment, the attempt was again unsuccessful, because the earthquakes in 1953 caused the chasm bottom to slip additionally 30 meters. Finally, in June 1966, during the Greek- Czechoslovakian Speleological meeting, which was organized by the Hellenic Speleological Society, the chasm exploration was accomplished! The chasm is drilled in limestone, it was created by erosions and rockfalls, and has an urn-shape. The chasm’s orifice is perimetrically covered by trees and shrubs that make it invisible! The chasm of Agia Eleousa in Karavomylos is not suitable for tourist exploitation, but because of its impressive depth and flora, it is referred as a point of touristic value in the wider region. Today the mouth of the chasm is fenced, to avoid accidents.

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