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The village is set in a wide bay with a long tree-lined waterfront and wonderful views across to the island of Ithaca. The delightful waterfront, the wide paved streets and the Venetian buildings offer the village a unique charm and reflect the rich heritage of the island.

Sami is one of the jewels of Kefalonia’s eastern coast, situated in a sumptuous setting of rolling, pine-filled scenery and a crystal clear coastline. The village is home to a famously beautiful beach and sites like the ancient fortified acropolis, making Sami ideal for a mix of blissful tranquillity and exploring the island’s most interesting sights.

The settlement is also very close to some of the most interesting monasteries and sights in Kefalonia like the monastery of Agrilia, as well as beautiful caves like Drogarati, some stunning underground lakes like the one at Melissani and Antisamos beach.

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