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Kourkoumelata Village

Kourkoumelata in Livathos is a true gem of the island with elegant houses surrounded by gardens. The elevated village has a fantastic view of small villages of Livathos with their elegant bell towers surrounded by lush greenery and the sea.

Kourkoumelata differs visually from other villages in Kefalonia because, after the earthquakes in 1953 it was reconstructed entirely by the donation of ship owner and benefactor George Vergottis, who came from Kourkoumelata. The village’s rebuilding was done with Swiss influences, resulting in a good street plan, comfortable public spaces and neoclassical architectural influences. All villagers were presented with a ready-made house.

The focal point of Kourkoumelata is the impressive neoclassical building that houses the “George and Maris Vergottis Foundation”, where cultural performances of all kinds are organised.

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