Kastro Village

Kastro Village

Until 1757 the historic village of Kastro was the first capital of Kefalonia and was built next to the entrance gate of the Venetian castle of St. George. In those times the local population remained in the village (borgo) where the nobles lived in mansions. There were both Catholic and Greek-Orthodox churches and renowned teachers taught in the schools. When the Venetian conquerors of Kefalonia moved the seat of the island to the then insignificant settlement of Argostoli because of its large natural harbor that facilitated trade, the village fell into decline.

When you visit the Castle of St. George, take a walk in and around the modern village. You will see the remains of these older times particularly old churches that are still partially standing in fragile balance. In the beautiful old Venetian church of Evangelistria  (built in 1508), which still stands at the end of the main street, services are still held.

The captivating panoramic view of the sea, Mt. Ainos, small villages, and Argostoli gives you a wonderful overview of whole south and west sides of the island.

The village has excellent restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy the amazing views and feel as if you are on top of the world, while enjoying a cold beer or a Greek coffee!

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