Kastro Village

Kastro Village

Despite its beauty, Kastro has remained a quiet town. It lies on a hill above the valley of Livathos and leads up to a Venetian fortress built in the sixteenth century, which is visible from Argostoli. The houses of the village are small, old and modest, but well-kept.

The area around the Castle is well worth exploring with remains of pre-earthquake village houses and the remains of the medieval church of Evangelistria built in 1420. The remains of the church of St. Theodori are located south west of the castle and this church may well be even older than Evangelistria.

At Kastro there is a cafe, a music bar and a restaurant. There are wonderful views of the surrounding countryside and village from the village of Saint George. Panormaic vistas take in the town of Argostoli, the monastery of Saint Andreas, lovely views of mount Ainos and coastal views in the south.

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