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Valsamata Village

Valsamata is the largest village in the valley of Omala and is located at the outskirts of Mount Ainos. The village is well known thanks to the local festivities that take place there every year.

The Robola Feast is one of the most anticipated festivities on the island. It is held every August at the villages of Fragata and Valsamata, and the celebrations last two days.  The theme of the feast is the Robola wine that is a well known traditional product of Kefalonia. Everyone can take part at the celebrations, where you can drink free of charge as much Robola wine as you can handle, dance to the traditional rhythms, sing and eat with your heart.

Furthermore, Valsamata is very close to the monastery of Saint Gerasimos. St. Gerasimos is the patron saint of Kefalonia, so the Monastery is a sacred place for every citizen of Kefalonia. The relics of the Saint are kept in a glass case which is placed above the Saint’s tomb.

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