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Once the centre of the town, Kabana Square (Bell Square) has historical connections with Argostoli’s struggle for freedom and for many years was the central square of the city. At the top of the square stands the clock tower that was reconstructed after 1953 earthquakes.

Kabana square is connected to an important chapter of the island’s history. When the French came to the island, Kefalonians infused with the revolutionary spirit of 1789. So, they burned the Libro d’ oro, the bible of aristocrats at Agios Markos square and renamed it Eleftherias Square.

However, between 1770-1790, the local nobility built a tower with an enormous clock and an equally impressive bell, which rang every hour, at the square. The people of Argostoli thus called the square “kambana” (bell in Greek) after the large bell. They never called it by its official name, but simply “bell square”. And that’s how it’s still called.

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