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While walking along the shop-lined Lithostrotos, the main shopping street of Argostoli, you will come to the Kabana Square or Bell Tower Square named as such due to the bell tower with the clock that adorns the square.

These days it is a nice atmospheric square with cafés and shops, but in 1797 this historic landmark and first ever square of the town, was the centre stage for one of the historic events in the turbulent history of the island. It was here that French troops during their occupation of Kefalonia, burnt the Libro d ’Oro (the “Golden Book ” was the formal directory of nobles in the Republic of Venice to which, until then, the Ionian Islands belonged).

As a result of the French Revolution, 1797 was the year that the Venetian sovereignty of the Ionian Islands ended and the islands were occupied by the republican French forces. In general this change was greeted with great joy, because it presaged an end to the privileges of the nobility and the advent of equality for all citizens.

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