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Skala is located at the southeastern tip of Kefalonia, 42 km away from Argostoli and the airport and 14 km from the beautiful seaside village of Poros. The splendid, large and organized beach with its crystal clear waters make the area and the village the number one tourist resort of the area where the hotels almost “touch” the sandy beach.

There is the possibility to practice all water sports and the instructors of the diving school will guide you to discover the seabed. Every day small cruise boats depart from the beach for very popular organised excursions to the neighboring islands of Ithaca and Zante and also to Fiskardo in northern Kefalonia.

During summer time the Caretta caretta sea turtles come every year, to the sandy beaches of southern Kefalonia to lay their eggs overnight in sand pits. Ecological groups monitor these large ancient marine animals, one of the vulnerable species of the animal kingdom, and protect the nests with fences. You will see these fences here and there on the beach of Skala and especially on the nearby beach of Mounta. The small turtles hatch in about 55 days and, guided by the minimal light of the horizon, run directly into the sea.

The wider area of Skala with its hidden coves and abundant greenery has its own special, alluring character.

Nearby beaches are Aragia, Mounta, and Potamakia.

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