Emblisi Beach

Emblisi Beach

After Foki Bay, Emblisi is the next closest beach to Fiscardo. Not an easy walk as it consists of a fair uphill trek on both legs of the journey. Depending on your fitness, walking speed and how much beach equipment you are carrying, it would be reasonable to allow around 40 minutes to get to Emblisi on foot. The route is simple; from the harbour take the Argostoli road, close to the taxi rank and keep going in an uphill direction until you get to “Herodotos taverna”. Take the right turn in front of the taverna and follow the winding road down to the beach.

If you don’t fancy the walk, an ideal solution is to negotiate with one of the taxi drivers from Fiscardo to drop you on the beach and collect you again at a pre-arranged time.

The bay is sheltered and safe for children in most weather conditions. However, be aware that if there is an offshore wind, floating toys disappear out to sea surprisingly quickly!

Once you get there, the bay is beautiful and ideal for snorkelling. On both sides of the bay you can also find ideal sunbathing spots on the flat rocks. These are sometimes more comfortable than the beach!

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