Monastery of Kipoureon

Monastery of Kipoureon

On the west coast of Kefalonia and just 15km from Lixouri visitors will find the historic Monastery of Kipoureon.
The Monastery sits on a cliff 90m above the sea, in one of the most impressive landscapes of Kefalonia.

It was built in the 17th century and its name origins from the gardens which were maintained from the fathers to ensure the necessary livelihood. Initially only a church was built by the Archimandrite Chrysanthos Petropoulos, who dedicated it to the Annunciation of Virgin Mary and the Elevation of the Holy Cross. Soon after, a male monastery was built, which in its heyday had 80 members.

In the monastery one can pay his/her respect to the miraculous picture of the Annunciation of Virgin Mary as well as the Cares of the Saints founders of the Abbey Chrysanthou; Constantius and Efrosynou.
The monastery also holds a piece of the True Cross, which was donated to the Monastery by the Russian Prince Vladimir Dolgoroukis in 1862.
In an elegant glass bottle the Chrism (Myrrh) of Saint Demetrios from the 7th century is kept.
Also, one can pay his/her respect to the relics of various saints and the miraculous icon of Saint Paraskevi, the sole relic of the destroyed monastery of Taphion.

The monastery celebrates:
– the Annunciation of Virgin Mary on March 25th
– the 3rd Sunday of fastings
– the Exaltation of the Holy Cross on September 14th; with solemn vigil and the presence of its Bishop
– the celebration of Saint Agia Paraskevi on July 26th

The view from the monastery is absolutely unique and deserves the admiration of the visitors, especially during the sunset hours.

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