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Saint George’s Castle

From it’s strategic position 300 meters high, the Castle has kept an eye on everything since it was built 800 years ago. It was the capital of Kefalonia for centuries. Also the place of residence for nobles and officials and is only 7 km away from Argostoli.

From 1500 the Venetian conquerors of Kefalonia built in the 16 acres of the Castle public buildings such as administrative offices, mansions for the Provveditore and his councilors, barracks for the soldiers, the garrison headquarters, warehouses, prisons and water tanks. Due to the Castle’s exceptional military position and within the 600-meter perimeter of walls, ramparts and watchtowers, it was possible to locate pirate ships 20 miles away on a clear day.

The local population, including the Kefalonian nobility, lived in the settlement (borgo), where there were Orthodox and Catholic churches, schools (often staffed by distinguished teachers) and grand houses.

In 1757 the Venetians decided to move the headquarters of the administration from the Castle to the then insignificant settlement of Argostoli to facilitate commercial development. The inhabitants followed and the place fell into decline.

The Castle has been partially restored and is an attraction of the island.  The panoramic view from the Kastro, down over the sea and Argostoli and up to Mt. Enos, gives a good overall picture of the region, with old churches and campaniles recalling the bygone glories of the historic area surrounding the castle.

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