Local festivals

Local festivals

Dance, sing and be part of the traditional festivities of Kefalonia that take place every year at summer and especially in August.

The Robola Feast is one of the most anticipated festivities on the island. It is held every August at two villages, Fragata and Valsamata, and the celebrations last two days.  The theme of the feast is the Robola wine that is a well known traditional product of Kefalonia. Everyone can take part at the celebrations, where you can drink free of charge as much Robola wine as you can handle, dance to the traditional rhythms, sing and eat with your heart.

Varkaroles is a very popular celebration around the island. Held every year in the mid August and it will travel your senses to another forgotten Kefalonia.  The local residents and the visitors that want to join in, get aboard on boats and set sail into the sea for a few miles out of the harbour.  There they start singing all together traditional songs, while back at the harbour people dance and celebrate.

Kantades are serenades and this peculiar kind of melodic folk songs, is a purely unique musical part of the culture of the Ionian Islands and especially at Kefalonia. Its name derives from the Latin verb cantare (sing) and the first kantada is said to be created in Lixouri. They play a major role at the lives of the locals. Elderly people with melodic voices can be found in Lithostroto singing in groups, entertaining the people surrounding them just because they love to do so.

Kefalonia is an island that thrives with festivals especially in the summer. It is a great way to get to know the local customs and traditions and be part at the local community, while celebrating and enjoying yourselves.

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