Kourkoumelata, the most beautiful village in Kefalonia

Kourkoumelata, the most beautiful village in Kefalonia

Kourkoumelata still remains a treasure well-hidden.

Did you know that Kefalonia consists of approximately 365 villages? And they all seem to vary from one another so that they could satisfy everyone’s taste. Small or bigger, by the sea or on a hillside yet always charming and picturesque, you can find your perfect vacation spot here. But there is a small village that is considered to be the crown jewel among all in Kefalonia, distinguishing for its unique beauty and colour. The name of the village is Kourkoumelata.

Kourkoumelata still remains a treasure well-hidden. Not as famous as Skala or Assos but equally impressive, it is known as a scenic hamlet with striking views to the sea, colourful houses and gardens, excellent town planning and street layout.

In 1953, a catastrophic earthquake destroyed the biggest part of Kefalonia. Kourkoumelata was utterly ruined and despair came upon the villagers. However, at that difficult time, the ship-owner Giorgos Vergotis and his family, who were raised at Kourkoumelata, decided to completely support financially the reconstruction of the entire village. In order to do so though, he demanded that the new village would be rebuilt according to the neoclassical architectural tendencies of those times and the official street layout, with many Swiss influences.
Green gardens, clean public places, beautiful buildings, imposing churches, new streets, utilities and facilities were made and provided to the villagers. Kourkoumelata was the first village in Kefalonia that had electricity and water facilities installed.

Here, one can find a lot of spots worth to visit. Two of the most known spots of the village are the ‘Vergottis Cultural Centre’ and the local stadium, where concerts and events are held especially during the summer months. The cultural amenities are completed by the new Philharmonic Centre which is located on the opposite side of the road. Moreover, there is the village square with palm trees and a shrine, which is dedicated to the Vergotis family, as well as the local cafe, which is in the shape of a ship.
When wandering on the island of Kefalonia, take a stroll around the village of Kourkoumelata. It will be worth it, as you would have the chance to see one of the most beautiful villages in Greece. Don’t miss it!

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