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(English) Management Body of Mt. Ainos National Park

  • Year founded: 2017
  • Address Koutavos Argostoli ,Kefalonia 28100 Greece
  • Categories: Υπηρεσίες
Ainos National Park was founded in 1962, mainly in order to protect what was left of the once flourishing and magnificent forest, consisting almost entirely of one of the finest forest tree species, i.e. the Cephalonian Fir (Abies cephalonica). It was righteously declared as a National Park, since the mountain is, according to International Code of Botanical Nomenclature, the locus classicus of the Cephalonian Fir, which is a Greek endemic species,. Moreover, the whole ecosystem of Mt. Ainos has a significant scientific and aesthetic value, being situated in the heart of Cephalonia island, right at the center of the island rich biodiversity. The Management Body of Mt. Ainos National Park undertakes all necessary measures to protect the Park. Additionally it has set as a goal to create such conditions that the visitor is provided not only with opportunities for recreation but also for the examination and study of nature. In other words, the visitor receives information on the unique biodiversity of the Park, the value of protecting the environment and especially the value of oneself life. Mt Ainos, which has marked indelibly the life of the Cephalonians, even since prehistoric times. Belongs mainly to them, but also to all those who love the Greek nature. Without the contribution of each and every one of us, the protection and conservation of the National Park is, sadly, unattainable!

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